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Sports and Smiles:

Sports are an excellent way to learn about important values such as teamwork, leadership and work ethic. It is also an effective way of keeping kids away from negative activities. Some of the activities include sport tournaments and support with sport equipment and uniforms. Sports are also an excellent opportunity for volunteer travel. Volunteers can help as coaches for specific sports.


● One day tournament: An activity in which students from the schools that we sponsor travel to the capital city towards a sports complex where they play soccer, basketball and volleyball. This activity also goes in hand with the strategy of taking students outside their comfort zone. By doing this, 6 th to 9 th grade students are more open on receiving information about the importance of staying in school and to establish goals for their future.

● Sports as an extracurricular activity: One of the strategies of Share Smiles is to offer extracurricular activities that are both interesting and relevant. With the help of a coach, students will be able to learn and practice a sport after their regular class times.