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I love my country

The purpose of this program is to provide the fundamentals to prepare students for the tourism industry. Students must learn to appreciate and be proud of their country. They must start within their own community, taking care of the environment and with a big desire of sharing their home with visitors. Through its sister brands Share and Travel and greenbluered.com, travelers can visit these communities and help bring sustainability.


● Field trips: Students in rural schools don´t have the opportunity to visit places of interest. Through field trips students will be able to learn about their country. Field trips include visits to touristic areas such as volcanoes, Mayan Sites and colonial towns; it also includes visits to museums and other areas of interest.

● Tourism Skills: These are activities in which students specifically learn about the hospitality industry and its related fields. This involves visits to hotels, restaurants, lectures, local tour guide trainings and hands on experiences.

● I clean my community: The schools sponsored by Share Smiles are located in areas with tourism potential, like for example in the middle of three volcanoes, or in front of a pristine beach. The activities consist of cleaning the beach, the mangroves or the forest around the local schools or communities. During the process, students must learn the importance to protect their local environments.