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I go to school!

This program has several activities that help and motivate children to stay in school, but also to go the extra mile in student development. Based on a recent study performed by International organizations, the education in rural areas of El Salvador does not provide significant skills for labor insertion in young people nor is relevant to social and productive development.

Rural areas have higher poverty indexes than the national average and have been historically separated from development with low access to services provided by the government.

● Young people in these areas are not able to learn how to learn.
● They have low flexibility to change.
● They lack communication and critical thinking skills.
● Students are weak in character, attitude, leadership, and accountability.

For Share Smiles it is very important to monitor school attendance for each student and to have periodical meetings with their parents or guardians to evaluate their progress.


● School Supplies: Support children with the necessary tools to attend classes, including back packs, notebooks, and special materials based on their grade level.

● Summer School: During vacation periods, Share Smiles organizes one month of fun and interesting activities focused around what is important for Share Smiles, (Esto debería de ser un link a esta sección) including English language, values, love to our country and protection of the environment.

● Computer lessons: Share Smiles provides a computer teacher so that students learn fundamental skills so they can achieve an effective use of a computer.