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Our Programs

The strategies are developed through the following programs:

● I go to school:

This program has several activities that help and motivate children to stay in school, but also to go the extra mile in student development.

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● Sports and Smiles:

Sports are an excellent way to learn about important values such as teamwork, leadership and work ethic. It is also an effective way of keeping kids away from negative activities.

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● I speak English:

Learning another language for a student in a rural area, especially English, is key for finding economic opportunities. Also, for tourism, English is fundamental.

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● I learn values:

Students may finish school, learn a second language or learn computers, but strong values will eventually make a difference in the future of the students.

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● I love my country:

This program provides the fundamentals to prepare students for the tourism industry. Students must learn to appreciate and be proud of their country.

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● Share the World

Travel is an excellent opportunity for learning and understanding! Most of us have been able to travel the world and learn different cultures

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