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Our Sister Brands

The other brands of our group play an important role in the sustainability goals of Share Smiles. These brands work in order to bring more visitors to the communities we sponsor.

Share and Travel is the nonprofit tour operator of Share Smiles. It organizes volunteer programs for groups and individuals.

Most of the programs involve work within Share Smiles, but it also offers projects with other organizations. Volunteers help with English programs, tutoring, sport activities and various hands on projects. This experience is complemented with several tour options.

Fun, educational and meaningful group travel.

Learn and Travel organizes travel programs to Central America around specific areas of study requested by the teacher, university or school. Some example programs are around business, art, Spanish, environment, sports and communications. Usually, part of the program includes visits to Share Smiles projects where students interact with the local kids.

GreenBlueRed.com is a traditional Tour Operator that offers leisure packages for individuals and groups to Central America, with an emphasis in the country of El Salvador. The name represents the colors of Central America: green of our forests and mountains, the blue of our oceans, rivers and lakes, and the red our traditions, coffee heritage and Maya culture.

Some of the programs include visits to the areas that we sponsor. Visitors enjoy the wonderful place but also Gives Back by spending some time at the schools or community.