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Our Places

Rural schools located on a pristine beach or in the middle of three volcanoes! In El Salvador, an amazing country in Central America, Share Smiles works in two beautiful areas of the country: An amazing beach, El Icacal and between majestic volcanoes, Volcanoes National Park.

El Icacal Beach

El Icacal is one of the most beautiful beaches of El Salvador, and yet, one of the least developed. Located in Eastern El Salvador, it is home to about 100 families:

• In El Icacal, 4 species of sea turtles nest between June and February.
• A beautiful estuary is also home to a wide variety of birds.
• 2 rural schools operate in the area, for a total of about 200 students.
• The main source of income for the community is fishing.

Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve where 3 volcanoes rest side by side along a volcanic lake. Travelers can hike the volcanoes and reach the edge of the craters, and enjoy the amazing view of the other volcanoes, Coatepeque Lake and the Pacific Ocean.

• The area produces gourmet high quality coffee.
• Share Smiles sponsors around 100 students who live in the area, including 20 local tour guides of the Park.