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Computer and English Rooms



Computer skills and the ability to learn a second language play a key role in the development of rural students.  Adequate facilities and equipment as well as qualified teachers are an important component of this BIG SMILE.

Specific Details:

  • A classroom will be constructed with the purpose of providing English and Computer classes.
  • It will be constructed taking into account the specifications needed due to location: heat, near the ocean, security, etc.

Schools and children benefited:

  • La Leona School, Eastern El Salvador:  First grade to 6th grade: 102 students
  • El Icacal School, Eastern El Salvador: First grade to 9th grade: 90 students
  • Cerro Verde Community, Western El Salvador: First grade to 12th grade:  150 students

Alignment with objectives and strategies:

  • The room will have attractive decorations and material that will motivate the student to receive the classes.
  • English language is a key component for local tourism development.
  • The room will also be used for other extracurricular activities, workshops and presentations to foreign visitors.